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Selling Your Books to Orrin Schwab Books

I am always looking to buy good out-of-print, scarce and rare books in my subject specialties.

There are several things to remember about used and rare books. First, there are millions upon millions of titles that have been printed over the hundreds of years of book publishing, so old books, per se, are not difficult to find. Age does not determine value. But on the other hand, older books sometimes are worth more, but it is all dependent on the topic, edition, and condition of the book. 

To read a more detailed explanation about which books, by topic, are potentially valuable and which are not, please click here.

If you have books that you'd like to sell, or want to find out what I could offer, please let me know by calling toll-free at 800-823-9124. 

Or you can e-mail me at schwab@pcu.net

I can evaluate the books that you have and give you an idea what they are worth, as well as making an offer to buy them. Because the books are yours and the decision to sell is yours, I don't put any pressure on the owner of the books. I'll make my offer, and then the decision is yours.

I do have ten years of full-time bookselling experience, and I've done dozens of major appraisals of libraries for insurance and tax valuation purposes. I've also purchased major libraries and many significant rare books over the years.

I've sold 8 copies of the 1830 first edition Book of Mormon, as well as first editions of the 1835 LDS Hymnal, two copies of the 1835 1st edition Doctrine & Covenants, an original 1848 edition of the LDS Emigrant's Guide by William Clayton, and many of the pre-1850 editions of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants